Tiffany & Justin Albany State Room Wedding

As I blog our last wedding from the Albany State Room of 2017, two things come to mind. First; we’ve been at this venue quite a bit last year (I think more than any other venue). Secondly; we’ve had some great times with some really great couples there. We’ve even enjoyed our time with the fun crew at the State Room. Besides that, I can’t help but mention how much we enjoy shooting in the Downtown Albany area. From Broadway to Swan St we love using this area for Wedding Photography. It was great that we were able to capture Tiffany & Justin’s day at the State Room in Albany late last year. We had a fun time with them at the Capitol building, Dept of Education building and all through the streets of Albany. Good stuff…our couple ended the evening with a fun reception and night photos.

Photographers: Dexter, Becky