Kamilah and Chris’s Wedding Schodack, NY

I’ll say it time and time again that being a Wedding Photographer is the best job in the world. What other career do you get to make people so happy on the happiest day on there life? The photography is the only thing left behind after the wedding day. So, it’s a challenge and a thrill at the same time.

Here are some shots from last weekends fantastic wedding at Birch Hill Catering in Schodack (near East Greenbush) NY.  We started off by taking photos in a hotel in East Greenbush and then headed over to the catering hall for the ceremony and reception. It worked that we were able to get many of the posed formals out of the way before the wedding ceremony. This allowed us full reign at the beautiful outdoor area at Birch Hill. It’s a Wedding Photographer’s dream to have time to get as many photos he/she wants on a wedding day and also have a great setting to do it in.

There’s not a lot that you can do with a group of guys, but if you can make them look cool and manly then your doing something right.

This one is cool because I thought of it at the last minute, I wanted to do something with the bride pulling the grooms tie and.. well the shot just came together on it’s own

I really like the glow that came from the lamp post in this photo. It’s nice to get something that doesn’t look like a typical wedding photo.

I love shots like this where you can get the bride’s expression as she looks into the groom’s eyes during a wedding ceremony.

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