Sarah & Josh’s Wedding Albany, NY

I had the pleasure of shooting Sarah and Josh’s Wedding in July at Siver Hills in Guilderland. This is usually a country club so the golf course setting gave us another opportunity to capture great photos. This couple enjoyed an outdoor ceremony right on the restaurant’s patio. A great day for a Wedding photographer with outdoor nuptials.

The bride and groom decided to take all of the formal (posed) photography done immediately after the ceremony. So, we took a ton of photos of their really nice family and then followed up with shots of the bridal party. This was a fun group and they definitely enjoyed the wedding day.

A few photos had to be taken after the sun went down which is challenging but it presents an opportunity to capture images with a different look and feel.

This was one of the photos that we got after the sun started going down. I’m happy we were able to catch a nice warm light that was on the ground of the golf course.

Shooting at night is always tricky for a photographer. Especially when the setting that you’re in has very little available light. In this case we used a LED light at full power along with a strobe to light this.

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