Meaghan & Chris Summer Albany Wedding Photos

We love shooting summer Albany wedding photos. It’s such a great time of year for the city and it’s a great time of year for weddings. With all of the great venues around downtown Albany we’ve been pretty busy shooting weddings up and down State Street.

I met our couple, Meaghan and Chris  over a year ago and I loved hearing about their plans for a fun-filled day in Albany. A few weeks ago we captured their day at St Vincent de Paul and 90 State Events. We enjoyed spending the day with our Bride & Groom and their creatively wacky bridal party. I took Meaghan & Chris to some of our favorite downtown spots before their ceremony. After the ceremony they had a great party with tunes from  NonStop Music.(what a great plug Vinny). We enjoyed the full dance floor that kept going till the end. Good stuff…another great wedding night in Albany!

Photographers: Dexter, Sarah

Summer Albany Wedding Photos Summer Albany Wedding Photos