Karen & Jeff’s Wedding Photos at Sunnyhill Resort

Every year we have the pleasure of shooting weddings for some amazing couples. As Wedding Photographers, around this time of year we reflect on this. With having amazing couple we’ve been fortunate enough to also capture their friends and families wedding day also. This was the case with Karen & Jeff, whose wedding we photographed a few weeks back. Over a year and a half ago we met Karen when we captured her sister, Hollie’s wedding. That was a fun and crazy wedding day and we got to know so many family and friends. So we were excited to capture Karen & Jeff’s wedding photos at Sunnyhill Resort. It was great to see everyone again and it was great to see that our brides dad brought out his hot rod for the day(nice!). Our newlyweds had a great day and a great night that included performances, most notably by the bridesmaids. Good stuff…happy to be part of another amazing wedding day!

Photographers: Dexter, Dave

Wedding Photos at Sunnyhill Resort