Clarisse & Phils Wedding Photos at the Olde Tater Barn

A cool wedding venue and a fun bridal party has to be the formula for a great wedding day. That’s the kind of day that we had with Clarisse & Phil this fall. First of all, we always enjoy shooting wedding photos at the Olde Tater Barn. This venue is just a fun place to shoot as a Photographer, there’s tall corn stalks, tractors and just good barn stuff.  The second part of the formula was that we had an amazing time with our couple and their bridal party.  From shooting the bridal party as they posed for goofy (Henny influenced) photos to shooting an amazing (Soca influenced) reception, it was just a fun day.  Good stuff…happy that we were able to wrap up such a great day with some sunset photos in the field.

Photographers: Dexter, Nicole

Wedding Photos at the Olde Tater Barn

wedding photos at the old tater barn