Photography Lessons in Albany

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Get one-on-one private photography lessons from Dexter Davis,Owner/Photographer of Dexter Davis Photography & Video . This is a great opportunity to get help from someone with over 13 years of experience and a successful photography business that shoots on average 50 weddings and events per year.

No matter what your skill level is I can help you take your photography to a new level with private lessons. Whether you are a brand new beginner who needs to learn how to operate your new DSLR camera or an advanced amateur looking to take your work to the next level, private photography lessons from me will get you there quicker than ever.

With flexible scheduling and lessons tailored exactly for you, you’ll never have to deal with all the hassle of attending classes in a group setting. You won’t have to worry about falling behind, you won’t get bored with lower-level material and you won’t have to work your busy schedule around a pre-scheduled class. Whether you are only free mornings,afternoons, nights, weekdays or weekends, get the one-on-one photography training you need with private lessons from Dexter Davis.

  • Are you already an experienced amateur ready to take your work to the next level?
  • Want to improve your portraits?
  • Are you a parent looking to take better pictures of your kids?
  • Need to learn how to operate your new SLR camera?
  • Confused on image editing using Photoshop?
  • Need help with your work-flow?
  • Wish you were spending more time getting the pictures right the first time than trying to salvage them later with editing?
  • Are you thinking about getting into Wedding Photography, but don’t know where to start?
  • Just want to learn more about photography, no matter what your current skill level?

Private Lessons are $40 per hour at our studio in Albany. Gift Certificates can be purchased here.

Private lessons are held at our studio. Contact us for details.

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