When selecting a photographer for your wedding or special event, don’t take chances! Hire¬† a professional that has a long track record of satisfied clients. Testimonials and reviews are a good way to do this. Read what past clients have said about us……


Christina & Christian

“Dexter was friendly, professional and on time! The end results were really really great. The pictures look amazing and he got some fantastic shots! My husband and I were so pleased. We can’t wait to get our album!”

Sharon & John


“Dexter was fantastic! he showed up
on time and stayed was there from the beginning to the very end. Extremely professional and most of all, I love my wedding photos.”

Ashley & Rick

“Dexter was great from the first moment we met him. There was no doubt in our minds that he was the right photographer for us! Incredibly professional and upfront with everything.”

Laurel & Jacob

“Originally I was thinking of just having friends take the pictures, but then I decided that this was my wedding and the last thing I wanted was mediocre pictures. So by the time I made the decision to have a professional, the wedding was only six months away and it is hard to find a good photographer that isn’t already booked. I sent out at least 20 emails and I was so fortunate that no one had yet booked Dexter. He responded within a couple of hours and he was willing to work with me.

When I met with Dexter and we talked about the coverage and timing and everything, he was so concerned about having him there for so short a time that I would be missing out on so many great picture moments. So he did talk me into 4 hours and I am so glad that he did! The price was unbelievable for what we got. He got to the venue early enough that he was able to take some pre-wedding shots. He was very professional. Nobody even noticed him during the ceremony but somehow he got a lot of great shots. He had scoped out locations for the group pictures and everything went so smoothly. He knew what he wanted and it was easy to just follow directions and he was very open to any suggestions we had. When it was getting close to when he was going to leave he let me know in case I wanted any last shots.

After the wedding he immediately put up pictures on Facebook so everyone could get a taste of what was coming. They all looked so professional. I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures! In a couple of weeks they were all up online in order and separated into folders (so organized!). A few weeks later I got my DVDs with all the pictures.

Everything was so well done I have no complaints. I was stressing out when I was 6 months away with no photographer and everyone was booked a year in advance. Once I found Dexter the whole photography element became the easiest (most stress free) part of the whole wedding and what’s funny is that’s the part that makes everything else sorta last forever.”

Jackie & Dan

“Dexter is very courteous and professional and his pictures are AMAZING!!! Great value for the price!”

Valerie & Ryan

“Dexter did an amazing job on our wedding. The pictures were all beautiful and we’ve received so many compliments on them. The service was also really fast, pictures were posted online within a few weeks and we had all of our pictures and our video within two months of our wedding.

Dexter wasn’t intrusive on our wedding day as I’ve heard can happen with some photographers. He let everything happen naturally and was still there to capture every moment.

I was surprised at how reasonable Dexter’s prices were compared to other photographers we check out. We went with Dexter based on a friend’s recommendation and now I would recommend him to anyone. The only problem will be narrowing down the photos for our album…we love them all!”

Jennifer & Seth

“He was great! I Would recommend him to other brides that are looking for a good photographer.”

Sarah & Josh

“Dexter did a wonderful job, Great quality photos!”

Kamilah & Chris

“Dexter Davis photography is very professional, creative and great at capturing the moments from your wedding day that you’ll want to remember forever.”

Lauren & Jason

“First I’d like to say that Dexter Davis did an amazing job with our wedding photos as we continue to receive numerous complements on them. I did quite a bit of research into selecting a photographer and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Hiring a good photographer and having good photographs was a priority of for me when I was planning my wedding. As such, I met with several photographers. There were a handful of qualities I was looking for: a photographer with a good eye, a package that included high quality digital copies of all the photos, posed photographs that were not too time consuming, and an affordable photographer.

Have a background in the fine arts and some knowledge of photography, Dexter’s images initially caught my eye. I was delighted to find he met all of my priorities. I did meet with several photographers but Dexter Davis stood out.

Dexter was always receptive to our questions and was very responsive to our requests. He took our posed shots in a timely manner and was very adept at covering the action at the reception as well.

Again, we couldn’t be happier with our photographs and we would highly recommend Dexter Davis to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.”